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Show Link is Here: Part 2 Is Underway....get your entries in ASAP! 2nd Annual Desert Sands Arabian Horse Show-UPDATE

CONGRATS to all those who entered Part One of the show, the Halloween event. We didn't receive as many entries as we would have liked , but there is still the November/Thanksgiving themed part of the show still to run!!

Here are the October/Halloween Event Winners! (Because I am busy with work and life, the prize drawings etc will be done as I have time). 




:bulletblue: 1st Place in the Halter Division goes To... Witchy Witchy by WonderlandStables

:bulletred: 2nd Place in the Halter Division goes To... Halter Contest: El Rey by WildOracle

:bulletyellow: 3rd Place in the Halter Division goes To... Enter Mhedi by LucasBinx


There was only ONE entry so this automatically qualifies it for First Place

 Halloween Dance by WonderlandStables


Again, only ONE entry so this is an automatic First Place

Haunted Moves by WonderlandStables


Just one entry which gives it First Place

Free Jumping: Fleur by WildOracle

That's our Winner's for the October/Part One/Halloween Event! November's part of the show starts TODAY (November 1st).

At the end of November's Show, I will decide between Grand and Reserve Grand Champions for each Class participated in. 
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OF Demon Hunter by ObsidianFarm
OF Demon Hunter
Aaaaaaannnnnnd this is the product of Grace x Incubus. This little guy was supposed to be done AGES ago....I had an artistic spree today and I felt like drawing a little after an 10 month gestation (more like over a year of being busy/lazy), our Thoroughbred broodmare gave birth to a bundle of smoky blackish-gray fur, bright white facial markings, and crystal clear blue eyes. 


The ten months of Grace's gestation went off without a hitch. After being covered several times by the inky black stallion from Pennylane Stud (seen here: Pennylane Stud Map ), Grace was confirmed in foal to the stallion a few weeks later. The months that went by were quiet and uneventful. Grace was healthy the entire pregnancy, and as the foaling season of 2014 drew near, Obsidian Farm and its staff became excited with the expectation of new life. A year previously, Grace had birthed her first Obsidian Farm foal, a colt by the golden El Diablo son, Himeros. Now, here she was, ready to deliver a second foal to the racing farm. 

On the evening of April the 14th, way before her due date, Grace showed signs of being in labor. Her breathing patterns changed, she began to sweat profusely, and she pawed at the thick straw bedding in her foaling stall, and laid down, often nipping at her flanks and belly. Finally, around two a.m., she laid down to begin her delivery. Alarmed by the sudden birthing, Sarah stayed up that night to keep a watchful eye on the mare and the arriving foal. 

The labor was long and exhausting, but finally, the gray mare birthed a dark colored foal. Sarah noticed immediately that something was not right, and she made a desperate phone call to Dara, who arrived minutes later to discover a weak and nearly dead foal. The colt had been born a month prematurely, and was extremely weak. An on call equine veterinarian was called in for the emergency, and Grace was removed to just outside the stall while the vet administered IV fluids into the tiny, bony body. The little colt's muzzle would twitch now and then, and he would slowly open his heavy eyelids and blink against the glaring barn lights. After the IV start, Dara would watch as his little tail would flop now and then. She prayed hard...prayed that the little colt would live. She prayed too that her $75,000 stud fee for the colt would not go to waste.

A couple hours later, conditions for the little colt still had not improved. Though he was gaining strength, he refused to get to his feet on his own. Using her experience gained in Mongolia years before in milking mares, Dara milked Grace and poured a bottle for the baby, and did her best to coax him into drinking his mother's milk to drink the vital colostrum he so desperately needed. He did drink...and it seemed to do the trick. After gulping down two bottles of mother's milk, the courageous little colt tried to stand on his own. There were multiple attempts but, finally, he made it. He stood on wobbly legs as the Farm crew (who by now had all heard the news of the early arrival and had arrived to watch the life or death situation unfold) quietly cheered and rejoiced. The IV was removed from the colt's neck when the vet was satisfied that he would survive. 

Throughout the next couple of days, Grace's new colt grew stronger and stronger. But, Dara noticed quickly that he was smaller than most average newborn foals. He was thinner, bonier, and more fragile looking. His joints seemed enormous on him, and he looking gangly. Though he was ill-proportionate and extra small, she knew he would grow out of it and become a fine looking colt. He was genetically tested to verify his color genetics, and the results that came back surprised and delighted Dara.

The second cream colored foal had been born on the Farm...a rare smoky black. Of course he tested positive for the gray gene...and the splash gene. Though minimally marked (he bore a tear drop shaped star and a large snip), his clear blue eyes told Dara that his sire's splash gene had been successfully passed on. It would make him the fifth splash marked purebred and Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred on the farm.

Taking Grace's name, and the name of the sire, Incubus, Dara wanted to choose a name for the brave little colt that would blend both parent's names. After many hours of thinking and trying to discover an appropriate name...she finally decided to settle on a name that had special meaning to her. The name of her favorite heavy metal band, Demon Hunter, seemed the suite the colt just fine. She sent the name request off to the Jockey Club for acceptance or rejection, and was pleased to receive the colt's papers back with his new name, his new identity, printed in ink.

Demon Hunter was the perfect foal; curious, bright, and he had inherited his mother's sweet and gentle nature. But...when he moved those knobby legs, boy could he RUN! He and his mother would race along the fence, and more often than not, he would pass by his mother with ease, kicking up his heels in a display of foalish play. Dara would watch from the gate as mother and foal bonded and grew close. Soon, he would join the others in training...then in a couple of years, the colt would make his way to the track, where he too would show the world of racing that even the little guys have what it takes to become winners.

Horse Stats

Name: OF Demon Hunter
Barn name: Little Guy
Sex: colt
Age/DOB: April, 2014; few months old
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: gray splash (smoky black base) 
Geno: Ee aa nSpl nG nCr
Markings: tear shaped star, large snip, blue eyes
Height: expected to reach 15.2 hands (small stature due to premature birth) 
Personality: curious, bright, intelligent, gentle; loves to run and has a very competitive streak in him; tends to get into a little bit a mischief, but he always pulls that "I'm just an innocent little foal" card when he get's caught ^^ Instead of getting in trouble, he just gets sugar cubes and rubs from everyone. 
Discipline: flat racing
Racing Style: unknown at the moment
Open for Breedings: CLOSED--too young!

Bloodline Chart

------------------------------------------ SSS: Seattle Slew 
----------------- SS: DLV Dark Knight
------------------------------------------ SSD: Durty Light
Sire: Incubus 
------------------------------------------ SDS: RFF King's Ransom
----------------- SD:  Asubuhi Malaika
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: starter
----------------- DS: starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: starter
Dam: OF Grace 
------------------------------------------ DDS: starter
----------------- DD: starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: starter

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Obsidian Farm Racing
United States
Obsidian Farm has become an exclusive Thoroughbred racing facility where several fine pedigree Thoroughbreds for flat racing are bred, trained, and offered for breeding. My horse's bloodlines stem from the finest racing bloodlines in HARPG: the El Diablo, Poltergeist, and KhC Lucifer bloodlines. Three of my Thoroughbreds are grand-foals of the late, great El Diablo, owned by thunderjam1992, and I am proud to show such prized bloodlines at my Farm. El Diablo is considered the most influential racing TB in HaRPG, and Obsidian Farm is proud to own his bloodline.



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