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So I figured it was about time for me to bring in some new blood into Desert Sands, since our other foals are yearlings or sold, but I wanted to try something new.

I have five Arab stallions and five Arab mares, but I need help in pairing them together. Can you help me? Which mare and which stallion do you think would make a good foal together? If you would like to comment, please do!

Here are the stallions:
1) Altec Nazuma Ferrel+: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

2) Ameer+: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…
--> because of his genes, his babies will ALWAYS be bay and ALWAYS be gray, so keep that in mind

3) Antar++: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

4) Asil-Askari: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…
--> because of his genes, his babies will ALWAYS carry the splash gene, something to keep in mind

5) Raad-Zaim++/^: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

1) Ai'da++: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…
-->because of her genes, her foals will ALWAYS be black and ALWAYS be gray

2) Al-Aasifa: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

3) El-Shaden: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

4) Saniyah Nasreen: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

5) Sahra-Malak: desert-sands-stud.deviantart.c…

If you would like to help me find the match for this years' foals, please comment below on the stallion x mare choice you think would go good together! I'd like some input from you guys on this!

Thank You!

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Obsidian Farm & Desert Sands Stud
United States
Obsidian Farm dedicated to breeding, raising, and training pure bred Akhal Teke horses. The Teke is a rare, elegant, and ancient breed of horse from the deserts of Turkmenistan. They are called the "greyhound" of the horses because of their body build: fine, elastic, with a tucked up belly and long, elegant legs. They are very athletic, have phenominal stamina and speed, and are well known for the metallic bloom that gives their coat and color an extra shine. Temperament wise, Teke horses are like people...some good tempered, others are not so much. They tend to attatch to one person, kind of like a dog, and are wary of strangers. They come in black, electric black, palomino, buckskin, perlino, cremello, chestnut, bay, gray, smoky cream, smoky black, and can carry the sabino, splash, or rabicano patterns. They stand between 14.3 and 16 hands, with the occasional horse standing close to 17 hands (although this is rare).

Desert Sands Stud is dedicated to breeding the finest, most colorful Arabian horses. The Arabian, or Arab, is considered to be the most beautiful horse on earth. It is difficult to mistake an Arabian horse from others, for they are the equine picture of perfection. Arabian horses, originating from the Middle East, are known for their delicate, dished heads, arched neck, proud eyes, arched tail, and spirited temper. The typical Arab comes in any solid color (so long as the skin beneath remains black, in other words, cream, dun, nor champagne dilutes are seen in the Arabian), the most common being gray, black, chestnut, and bay. Patterns from splash, sabino, and rabicano are also seen in the breed. White markings are very common and add extra "chrome" to this already flashy breed. Arabians, like other equines, can and do come in rare and unusual colors and patterns. They stand on average between 14-15 hands, with a few strains standing over 15 and a rare few reach 16+ hands!

Obsidian Farm has also broadened its horizons and purchased several fine pedigree Thoroughbreds for flat racing and showing purposes. My horse's bloodlines stem from the finest racing bloodlines in HARPG: the El Diablo, Poltergeist, and KhC Lucifer bloodlines. Three of my Thoroughbreds are grand-foals of the late, great El Diablo, owned by thunderjam1992, and I am proud to show such prized bloodlines at my Farm. Obsidian Farm is the place where great Thoroughbreds are born and raised!


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