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So...yet again my plans are thwarted. I moved and have no internet to upload pictures or stories or anything. So when I have internet again I will be uploading racing pictures. There will only be a few that include the past races that have gone on so far. This isn't the best racing season I've ever had but I'm not complaining. My horses (Abaddon mostly) is doing alright.

Anyway, until next time!
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So my new season on Track King has started, which means that Abaddon and Fallen Angel have started their racing careers as well!

So far, Abaddon has placed first in his maiden race-a 6 furlong/1250 meter sprint. 

Next week I might start Fallen Angel (given if the track conditions on race day in TK is wet since she is a Mud-Lark or a mudrunner). I SHOULD have started her first this time...the track conditions for the first race of the season on TK were wet!

Anyway, keep an eye out, the season has begun and there are 10 more weeks left to go!
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Onwards by ObsidianFarm
*story to come later*

I'm almost to the end of this racing season and I still do not have WiFi at my house (this is a phone upload).

Abaddon and Fallen Angel have raced and have done well. The story to come will include the last few weeks races :)
So...yet again my plans are thwarted. I moved and have no internet to upload pictures or stories or anything. So when I have internet again I will be uploading racing pictures. There will only be a few that include the past races that have gone on so far. This isn't the best racing season I've ever had but I'm not complaining. My horses (Abaddon mostly) is doing alright.

Anyway, until next time!
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Week Three by ObsidianFarm
Week Three
:new: added the story to it!

July 21st, 2015

It was race day. Abaddon was rested and seemed eager to run-so eager that he nearly broke Dante's armin an effort to get to the track, with or without a rider. Only a couple days ago, Abaddon's cousin Fallen Angel had run in her first race, an ungraded stakes. She ran well, placing third in the field she ran with, claiming $14,100 for herself. 

Now it as his turn to race. His last run had not ended well with him placing fifth. Everyone at Obsidian Farm prayed that the El Diablo grandson would prove his worth this time. 

Dante gave Daniel his instructions-get the colt in a good position then wait till the final stretch to open him up. The young jockey knew that the black demon would fight him every inch of the mile long run, at least until he was given his head. 

Today's race was full, the other horses seemed in the same League as Abaddon; this race would prove to be a good one, win or lose. 

Everyone was hoping for a win, but by the final stretch it was clear that the colt would not come in first. As they crossed the finish line, Abaddon galloped through at third place-not bad but not preferable. The time for the third place finish was 1:46.164, the earnings $85,500. 


Horse Shown: 

Name: OF Abaddon
Barn name: Destroyer, "Colt"
Gender: colt
Age: 3 years (current)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Projected Height: 17.1-18 hands; current height: 16.2hh
Color: black splash
Markings: bald face, "eyeliner", lip spot on left side, front stockings, hind right stock, hind left high white (all the way up to the hip); blue eyes
Genes: EE aa nSpl
Discipline: flat racing; future stud prospect
Build: Abaddon is tall, lithe, and elegant. As he gets older, he will fill out more, but right now he is in racing condition. He is still growing, and expected to reach 17+ hands. He is nearly perfect in build, strong and powerful, a trait passed down from his sire and grand-sire. 
Personality: Abaddon is the product of Angelfire Farm's mare Apolla and the great sire, Poltergeist, sired by the infamous and renowned El Diablo. And like his sire and grandsire, Abaddon is full of hellfire. Both his dam and his sire were hellish creatures to deal with, so this colt gets it from both sides. This colt will make his grandsire proud. He is stubborn, very vocal (he likes to scream), and dangerous. He was named after a fallen angel named Abaddon, the Destroying Angel of the Abyss. 
Spirit: Unbroken
For Stud: CLOSED

Racing distance: 1500-1750 meters (7 to 8 furlongs/1 mile)
Racing style: fast finisher 
Racing record: 1-0-2-0-1
1st (1250 meters/ 6 Furlongs)  
5th (1400 meter/6 furlongs)
3rd (1700 meter/8 furlongs)
Earnings: $295,000
Maiden Racing Season (3 years): Class 2 League Racing 

Abaddon's Bloodline Chart:

----------------------------------------- SSS: Thalion…
----------------- SS: El Diablo…
------------------------------------------ SSD: Reckless…
Sire: Poltergeist greatalmightyqueen.deviantart.…
------------------------------------------ SDS: Universal Ghost…
----------------- SD: Eidolon greatalmightyqueen.deviantart.…
------------------------------------------ SDD: Veridical greatalmightyqueen.deviantart.…

------------------------------------------ DSS: starter
----------------- DS: starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: starter
Dam: Apolla (starter) 
------------------------------------------ DDS: starter
----------------- DD: starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: starter

Two Misses by ObsidianFarm
Two Misses
Week Two of the season's racing. Results were not as good as the first week. Read below to see what happens!

This is a short entry...I have to go catch a bus to work -_-

" Fallen Angel isn't running this week." Dara murmured over a cup of coffee.

"Nope. Weather cleared up. Track is listed as "Good"." Dante confirmed. Dara rubbed her face and sighed. 

"I was hoping to start her this week."

"There will be another race for her to run in I promise."

"So you entered in Abaddon in her place?"

" was a last minute entry. We will see how we do."


Abaddon was set to run against eleven other runners on the track in Fargo. The weather was hot and humid, the track dry and good. The colt's competition was tougher this time, and as the gates opened on the 1400 meter race, he broke away slow, falling behind several lengths within moments. Daniel gave the colt his head, but Abaddon didn't seem to be on top of his game. He caught up to the rest of pack after a couple of furlongs but was unable to snatch the lead in time. He was caught up in a pack of moving bodies half way through the race and was unable to break out, finishing 5th. 

Dante confronted Daniel on the poor race, and the jockey relayed what happened on the track. Sighing, they took the angry colt away. Dara was not too pleased with the race results either, and they all agreed that something seemed off about their black colt. A vet check up revealed not terribly out of place, and they were left scratching their heads as to why the colt didn't take his place as leader. 

They earned $47,000 for their finish and went home wondering how they would do next week. 

Maybe the their bay filly Fallen Angel could race. And maybe, just maybe, she could do better than her black and white cousin? 

*Horse Shown: OF Fallen Angel…

Ref used:…
Credit to: :iconchunga-stock:


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Obsidian Farm Racing
United States
Obsidian Farm has become an exclusive Thoroughbred racing facility where several fine pedigree Thoroughbreds for flat racing are bred, trained, and offered for breeding. My horse's bloodlines stem from the finest racing bloodlines in HARPG: the El Diablo, Poltergeist, and KhC Lucifer bloodlines. Three of my Thoroughbreds are grand-foals of the late, great El Diablo, owned by thunderjam1992, and I am proud to show such prized bloodlines at my Farm. El Diablo is considered the most influential racing TB in HaRPG, and Obsidian Farm is proud to own his bloodline.



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